GStreamer Echo Canceller

For a long time I believed that echo cancellers had no place inside GStreamer. The theory was that GStreamer was too high level and would never be able to provide accurate enough delay information for any canceller to work. With fairly simple test, I could quickly confirm that the reported latency is often off by […]

Sharing my first 3D printing experience

For a while I wanted to try this new world of 3D printing, but didn’t have any useful project in mind and my motivation faded away. Though last weekend, while I was going to setup the umbrella on the balcony, I realized that my installation would be lot better if I had the right part. […]

GStreamer gains V4L2 Mem-2-Mem support

Two years since my last post, that seems a long time, but I was busy becoming a GStreamer developer. This story started late in 2009. A team at Samsung (and many core Linux contributors) started adding new type of drivers to the Linux Media Infrastructure API (also known as Video4Linux 2). They introduced video decoding, […]

As easy as Seed

It has been around for a while, but only today I decided to try SeedKit. I told myself, let’s write something, and this is what came up.

GLib 2.26 will gain proxy support

GLib 2.26, coming on September 10th, will finally gain proxy support. This contribution to GLib was made possible by Collabora Ltd. and reviewing efforts by Dan Winship. After three months of head scratching and rewriting, we finally came-up with a solution that blends into the GIO architecture and requires no code change for users of the […]

Toward an improved GLib network stack

I recently started looking into GLib TLS implementation written by Dan Winship. As a reflex, I tried to merge it into my proxy branch. Things did not go so well, not because the branches are wrong, but because they both need similar features inside GIO. This is a good lesson for me, I should have […]

Transparent proxy for GLib applications

The biggest problem with socket based proxies are their simplicity.  It’s a bigger pain to write them once for all applications than to implement them for a single application.  But that is if you don’t consider system wide and automatic configuration. So far, the result on Linux is that most desktop environments have global settings. […]

Mail Notification in Meego

With Meego for Notebooks 1.0 users of Google and MSN can now monitor and open their online e-mails account with a single mouse click in the MyZone panel. Thanks to Intel for hiring Collabora to implement this feature. The GUI shows the number of unread messages for each of your accounts in real-time. Clicking the […]

Got a blog

First let me introduce myself. I’m Nicolas Dufresne also known has stormer on IRC. I’m currently occupied at adding proxy support into GLib Network IO API.  From now own, I will be posting about my current and previous work, or simply giving my ideas about Open Sources softwares in general. Enjoy!