GLib 2.26 will gain proxy support

GLib 2.26, coming on September 10th, will finally gain proxy support. This contribution to GLib was made possible by Collabora Ltd. and reviewing efforts by Dan Winship. After three months of head scratching and rewriting, we finally came-up with a solution that blends into the GIO architecture and requires no code change for users of the GIO library.

Notable features are:

  • GLib friendly API for proxy configuration (GProxyResolver)
  • Configuration powered by LibProxy (requires installation of glib-networking)
  • Transparent support for SOCKS version 5, 4a and 4
  • Support for application side proxy such as HTTP (using g_socket_client_add_application_proxy(…))
  • Proxy information available inside the GSocket’s remote address
  • Plug-in based configuration and protocol support

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